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Shared Home Office

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Shared office space can boost productivity at home, and it functions best when both occupants feel welcome. A home office shared between partners can blend masculine elements such as metal and leather with graceful lines and feminine colors to make both of you feel at home. Check out these his and hers home office design ideas to keep your workspace efficient and harmonious.

1.Neutralize Your Office Colors


A home office makeover can be as easy as updating your palette. To turn your men’s home office to something a little more balanced, swap traditional dark brown or black upholstery for white leather or soft jewel-toned cloth, or soften a no-frills desk with a floor rug in understated colors. While wooden pieces have a masculine air, lighter wood tones such as ash or golden oak complement feminine colors and designs. Soft neutrals such as grey, cream, and camel provide a professional-looking background for a splash of color that helps you stand out from the Zoom crowd.

2.Optimize Your Desk Layout for Both Schedules


Desks in a his and hers home office need to serve the needs of both partners. For a quick and easy improvement, try a mid-century modern desk set, which blends clean, masculine lines with soft neutrals and curved chairs for a comfortably blended look. Craving closeness? Set up a double workstation, which combines face-to-face orientation with a shared accessory shelf to give you ample work space with defined boundaries. Side-by-side desks are natural fits for the wall of your office, and you can place a filing cabinet between you to keep shared documents in easy reach.

3.Add Personal Touches


Make your shared home office truly yours with accessories that celebrate your companionship. Photos in a collage frame can brighten your walls and remind you of your shared history, and a vision board helps keep you on-task for your mutual goals. Colorful frames and playful desk accessories create an effortlessly feminine home office without overwhelming your space with distracting frills and florals, while a wooden filing cabinet adds a masculine touch and helps keep you organized. Pamper yourself and your partner with a coffeemaker and all your favorite flavors on hand, and add coffee-bar convenience with a console table or wheeled cabinet.

4.Soften the Look With a Rug


Soft textures and lush fabrics lend a feminine sensiblity to your space, while masculine decor centers around dark colors and rougher textures. Dress up your his and hers office with a low-pile floral rug, or take a walk on the wild side with a leather patchwork piece that incorporates manly style. Flatweave rugs of any style are more durable than their high-pile counterparts, so don’t be afraid to think outside the box with a tough indoor-outdoor rug that stands up to pacing feet and wheeled chairs.

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